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CRICO’s Are You Safe? Case Studies

CRICO’s Are You Safe? (AYS) case studies are designed to help all members of a multidisciplinary team reduce the risk of patient harm in the course of diagnosis and treatment. Learn More >>

Are You Safe? Overview

CRICO works closely with your organization’s Patient Safety and Risk Management staff to build expert resources for individual and team-based education and training.


Are You Safe? Library

Are You Safe? cases are available as double-sided single sheets or slideshows that you can use to discuss improving patient safety in the office setting. This page lists all items by topic. Click through to see how you can earn category 2 Risk Management credits.


Resources for Presenters

The CRICO Are You Safe? case studies contain information that you can access in different formats: web pages, one page handouts, and a slideshow version with additional data included.


Should I use a Decision Support Tool?

Are You Safe? case study: During an appointment for a self-detected breast lump, a 34-year-old’s physical exam was noted as normal. The gynecologist ordered a mammogram, but did not indicate the patient’s breast complaint on the order.


More Are You Safe? Material