Harassment & Discrimination
In addition to medical professional liability, CRICO provides member organizations with employment practices liability (EPL) coverage through its association liability program.
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Insight of the Month: April

Structural sexism contributes to the persistent earnings gap between female and male physicians: A better understanding of the association between family structure and sex gaps in physician earnings and hours worked over the life cycle is needed to advance policies addressing persistent sex disparities.

Marriage, Children, and Sex-Based Differences
in Physician Hours and Income

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Full list of EPL cases

CRICO has case studies for inappropriate workplace behavior such as harassment and discrimination and how it can lead to Employment Practices Liability (EPL) litigation.

Case Studies
Rapid PULSE 360 Program
The program is committed to helping healthcare providers obtain the kind of high-caliber feedback that will enable them to improve practice and teamwork skills. The overarching purpose of the Rapid PULSE 360 program is, simply put, quality culture change.
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