Our Culture
CRICO’s culture is based on a common commitment to our dual mission to protect providers and promote safety along with a guiding set of values and our ability to collaborate with our ever growing community.

Through decades of experience protecting the Harvard medical community’s clinicians and organizations, CRICO has established itself as a leader in medical professional liability (MPL). It is our mission to safeguard the assets and reputations of our insured organizations and the clinicians they employ.

Our Values

At CRICO, we...

Are passionate about our mission: Protecting Providers and Promoting Safety.
We have an unyielding commitment to help the caregivers of the Harvard medical community deliver the safest healthcare in the world, and to protect their personal assets and professional reputations when unexpected outcomes occur.

Consistently strive for excellence.
Continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services is our goal, and we make decisions based on data and other objective criteria. We are committed to innovation, intelligent risk-taking and learning from our mistakes.

Demonstrate an unsurpassed level of corporate citizenship.
Professionalism and accountability are our hallmarks. In making decisions, we always act in the best interests of the company, its shareholders and insured providers. Therefore, our interactions are characterized by integrity and open dialog. 

Value our staff, respecting both their personal commitments and professional goals.
Our goal is to recruit and retain a diverse, high-performance team, in whose development we regularly and deliberately invest. We do our best to create a work environment that promotes high morale, wellness and a satisfying work-life balance. We treat our staff with compassion, especially in times of great personal challenge.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

While CRICO has always been committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we now make that commitment explicit and dedicate resources to its fulfillment. In 2020, we hired an outside expert to assess our culture and make recommendations for improvement. As a result, we established DEI Council and have incorporated DEI efforts into our mission-critical strategic plan. 

CRICO’s DEI Policy

At CRICO, we strive to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable.

We believe inclusivity enables us to attract the best talent.

We believe diversity drives innovation.

We believe equity is critical to building a collaborative culture.

We believe that together inclusivity, diversity, and equity produce better outcomes.

I love working for CRICO because of its clear sense of mission—protecting providers and promoting safety. It is very rewarding to know what we do helps save lives.

Winnie Yu

Winnie Yu

Head of Advanced Analytics, Patient Safety & Data Analytics

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