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Insurance Documents

Claims History

Get a claims history for past and currently insured CRICO clinicians. Our wizard walks you through the steps.

Insurance Documents

Proof of Insurance Document

Facesheet, Confirmation of Coverage.... proof of insurance goes by many names. We make getting it easy.


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Learn how to apply for the current CRICO grant.

Prioritize Risk. Improve Outcomes.


New Guidance on Preventing Lost Medical Specimens

Thousands of medical specimens are lost each month. The impact on the diagnostic process when a specimen is lost is of particular concern.


Missteps Before and After Patient Fall

A patient’s family filed a claim alleging a lack of proper fall precautions, failure of the nurse to report the patient’s fall to his physician or the oncoming nurse, and failure to monitor the patient post fall. Learn how to mitigate these scenarios in the future.


Fixing Today’s Patient Safety Problem

Individual events are, of course, important to investigate and understand, but a quick fix based on a sample of one is often misses the bigger problem.


Patient Refusal in Virtual Care

Ways to clearly communicate the risks of refusal of an in-person visit to my patient and maintain a therapeutic alliance.


Patient Safety Guidance for Pathology Specimens

Lost and mishandled specimens are a universal problem, often with significant impact on diagnostic error and patient safety risk.


The Cures Act

With increased access to personal medical notes, considering how patients perceive what they see is increasingly important for avoiding allegations of negligence.


What’s My Risk?

Learn which key medmal allegations and contributing factors contribute to risk within your specialty and what you can do to mitigate those risks.


I’ve Been Sued

You’re not alone. CRICO offers the expert resources, advice, and support you need in the aftermath of an adverse event.

CRICO Grants

Apply for a CRICO grant

CRICO’s grant team seeks proposals containing designs that further impact organization-wide risk related to patient safety issues.