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Promoting Safety.

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For Our Insureds

Insurance Documents

Claims History

Get a claims history for past and currently insured CRICO clinicians. Our wizard walks you through the steps.

Insurance Documents

Proof of Insurance Document

Facesheet, Confirmation of Coverage.... proof of insurance goes by many names. We make getting it easy.


Take our Online Course to Earn CME

Learn about Virtual Visits and earn CME by taking this online course.

Prioritize Risk. Improve Outcomes.


Woman’s Stroke Progressed in ED without Intervention

Triage should be the same whether the ER was empty or overcapacity.


EHR Error Exacerbates Adverse Event during IHT

Failure to monitor a patient's physiological status and lack of standard operating procedures during intra-hospital transport resulted in the death of a 60-year old female.


Patient Safety Playlist

CRICO's YouTube shows and videos explore issues in patient safety.


Virtual Visit

Patient Safety Guide for the Virtual Visit offers care delivery solutions to help manage risk in this new care setting.


Inter-hospital Transfer

Our expert task force identified potential inter-hospital transfer patient safety risks and recommended strategies for risk mitigation.


The Cures Act

With increased access to personal medical notes, considering how patients perceive what they see is increasingly important for avoiding allegations of negligence.

Promoting Safety


What’s My Risk?

Learn which key medmal allegations and contributing factors contribute to risk within your specialty and what you can do to mitigate those risks.


I’ve Been Sued

You’re not alone. CRICO offers the expert resources, advice, and support you need in the aftermath of an adverse event.


Request a Risk Assessment

Our assessments highlight practice strengths and opportunities to improve patient safety.