Risk Prevention and Education
We're here to help you deliver the safest possible care.
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Risk Assessment 

Is your organization adopting a new health care delivery model? Undergoing network expansion? Uncover your patient care risks so you can efficiently target and prioritize interventions.
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Your Partner in Safety

Our patient safety team partners with our members in strategic initiatives focused on identifying potential vulnerabilities and developing practical interventions to minimize patient harm.
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Guidelines & Algorithms

Decision support tools created by Harvard experts.
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Our Patient Safety Organization convenes clinical leaders to identify and mitigate emerging risks.
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National Medmal Data

Through national partnerships, Candello pools malpractice data and expertise from professional liability insurers across the country into a database representing one-third of U.S. MPL cases.
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Candello Solutions by CRICO
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This one-hour recorded webinar examines malpractice data related to key breakdowns in the process of care that underlie nursing claims related to medication.

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Unpack recent malpractice cases to uncover lessons learned, join patient safety leaders for in-depth analysis of safe care challenges, and explore emerging legal and safety issues.

I quickly appreciated that health care quality is essential and complex, and necessitates a skill-set that often takes years of experience to acquire.


Yael Kushner, MD

On being an HMS Fellow

CRICO has always been there as a resource for physician education and training and information dissemination.


Kenneth Sands, MD

BIDMC, Boston

As reinsurance brokers, we spend much of our time discussing the travails of severe obstetric complications. We have witnessed how CRICO’s measurement and analysis of obstetrical medical malpractice incidents empower their ability to engage its insured practitioners in structured interventions to improve practice. As a result, we’ve seen CRICO’s obstetrical case rate decline. CRICO’s approach has greatly improved patient safety, and as a result has lowered the risk of medical malpractice.

Bill Yurek

Avreco-RPS, Chicago

Strategies for Patient Safety

Our monthly newsletter explores issues that impact your patients, practice, and professional well-being.
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Patient Safety Library

Delve into our library of patient safety topics and clinical specialties.
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Brain Power in Action

CRICO’s Patient Safety Grants are changing clinical care. See the impact of past grants.
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Case Studies

Drawn from real medical malpractice cases, our experts assess what went wrong and how it could have been avoided.
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You have questions; we have answers.
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