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MedMal Insider

Real Malpractice Cases from the Harvard Medical Community.
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About the series

Even in the safest healthcare setting, things can go wrong. For more than 40 years, CRICO has analyzed MPL cases from the Harvard medical community. Join our experts as they unpack what occurred and the lessons learned for safer patient care from the causes of these errors.

Safety Net

These episodes can help you promote patient safety in your organization.
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About the Series

We’ve got you.

Our Safety Net podcast features clinical and patient safety leaders from Harvard and around the world, bringing you the knowledge you need for safer patient care.

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CME Credits for Podcasts

MA physicians may combine podcasts for 30-minutes of continuous learning. Download them to your computer, read as a transcription, or access them through iTunes. The MA  Board of Registration in Medicine has endorsed CRICO podcasts equaling 30 minutes for 0.5 Category 1 credits. Keep track of these credits the same way you track Category 2 credits.

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