Electronic Health Records
Whether you use the term EHR or EMR, electronic health records are an established tool in the majority of health care institutions. Our resources help you navigate the potential risks and envision a better solution for the future.
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EHR Downtime Guidelines


EHR Downtime Guidelines

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Malpractice Risks Associated with Electronic Health Records

The full potential of health information technology (health IT) has not yet been realized, and of particular concern are the examples of unintended consequences of health IT that detract from the safety of health care. In order to obtain additional information on these health IT-related problems, a study focused on qualitative and quantitative analysis of electronic health record (EHR) related harm cases submitted to Candello. Learn more...


Reducing the Occurrence of Malpractice Cases Involving Insufficient Documentation

Impact of Documentation on Malpractice

Future of Electronic Health Records: Supporting Clinicians and Patients


How can EHRs help instead of hinder?

Better, Safer Care: Imagining a Medical Record of the Future

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Imagine the perfect EHR.

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