CRICO Insights: January 2018

Top Pages for My CRICO Users in 2017

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Preparing for a Deposition


Coping with Stress


What to Expect as a Defendant




I’ve Been Sued

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Poor Communication of Orders Leads to Death

A resident’s NPO note didn’t make it to fellow caregivers. Dr. Adam Schaffer makes the connection between this event and medmal big data. What can we learn?


2017 Year in Review

The Red Sox weren’t the only organization in our neighborhood hitting it out of the park in 2017. Here’s a breakdown of some of CRICO’s key accomplishments in 2017. We did it all for you...

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What to Do After an Adverse Event

CRICO encourages honest and informed communication between clinicians and patients regarding all aspects of medical care, but particularly related to medical error that causes injury. The goal is to maintain trust and support patients...


ED Stuck on Wrong Diagnosis, Blamed the Patient?

A 26-year-old male presented to the emergency department with burning chest pain. After two more visits within four days for the same complaint, he died at home from acute coronary thrombosis. What went wrong?

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EHR Downtime Guidelines

Love it or hate it, you rely on your EHR. What happens when it’s not there? Are you prepared to go back to paper?

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