Many patient safety initiatives fail to be adopted and implemented, even when proven effective. This creates the well-recognized know-do gap, referring to the discrepancy between what health care workers know should be done based on evidence and what takes place in practice.

As part of CRICO’s strategic goal to promote the successful adoption and implementation of patient safety initiatives by its member organizations, CRICO funded the development of the Patient Safety Adoption Framework.

Testing confirmed the framework and guidance tool’s overall acceptability, feasibility, and utility and the findings were published in the Journal of Patient Safety in April 2023. The study concluded that “the framework provides the essential components necessary to facilitate the adoption and implementation of patient safety initiatives and offers a roadmap for health care organizations striving to close the know-do gap.”

Citation for the Full-text Article

Moyal-Smith R, Margo J, Maloney FL, Boulanger J, Lautner P,  Folcarelli P, Benjamin E. The patient safety adoption framework: A practical framework to bridge the know-do gap. Journal of Patient Safety. April 17, 2023. Epub ahead of print. DOI: 10.1097/PTS.0000000000001118

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