Protecting Providers: Defense, Publications, and Webinars

CRICO’s past year was dedicated to analyzing data from our robust database, convening experts and publishing our learnings, creating educational opportunities, and protecting our insured providers in the courtroom. Here’s a breakdown of some of our key accomplishments in 2017.

A Definitive Year of Success Protecting Providers

CRICO does not shy away from a challenge. If a case should be defended, CRICO takes its 40+ years of legal and clinical expertise into the courtroom. 2017 was no exception. There were 20 trials, and CRICO obtained a defense verdict in 18 of those 20.

Published Advice to Defendants and Our Insured

In our mission to protect providers, we supply important information about the litigation process and provide emotional support to help them stay resilient through this difficult experience.

Doctors & the Law eBook Free for Members
zobelIn 2017, CRICO published this eBook. To ensure our insured-physicians can access this content, we posted it on My CRICO, where members may download it free of charge.

Educational Opportunities— with Credit
tribunalIn addition to a webinar mentioned below, CRICO alerted its members that there are opportunities to participate in a tribunal for experience as well as credits.

Defendant Kit Updates
kc_article_2013_depoCRICO worked with internal and external experts to examine and enhance existing documentation and support offerings that are available by request or via My CRICO, our secure member portal.

Education: Legal focused webinar offered in 2017
legal eventIn 2017, CRICO offered a webinar entitled, Reducing Risk of Medical Malpractice: A Defense Attorney’s Perspective (A CME Course).

Patient Safety: Publications, Education and Data Analyses

Hot Off the Presses

Medication-related Malpractice Risks benchmarking report
benchmarking_med_cover CRICO analysts collaborated with industry experts, using CBS data to examine the impact—financial and human—and root causes of medication-related errors. This is the seventh annual CBS benchmarking report produced since 2009.

Referrals White Paper
circle imageCRICO and IHI/NPSF joined forces to produce, Closing the Loop: A Guide to Safer Ambulatory Referrals in the EHR Era, a comprehensive set of practical steps to reduce the risk of referrals-related medical errors.

AMC PSO Enhances Resource Center
CRICO’s PSO regularly convenes members to discuss common patient safety risks, and publishes its learnings as synopses called Patient Safety Alerts. In 2017, “Patient Identification Risks and the Intersection of Electronic Health Records” was published.

Also in 2017, the PSO convened expert members to address emerging patient safety risks through the release of two new topic-specific guidelines, with a third (addressing risks in Interventional Radiology) planned for 2018 publication.

ehrConsensus-based guidelines for managing EHR downtime.

culture Trends and strategies in the safety culture movement.

2017 Educational OFferings

CRICO offered live, patient safety webinars in two popular series: Know Your Risks (specialty-specific advice) and Mitigating Diagnostic Risks in Primary Care. In 2017, CRICO hosted nine of these webinars with topics that included obstetrics, surgery, talking with patients, and cancer screenings. If you missed a webinar, or are interested in a specific topic, CRICO’s Office of CME now offers many of these as recorded online courses for credits.

Speaking Engagements/Presentations
CRICO and CRICO Strategies speakers were well traveled in 2017, making stops at conferences, grand rounds, and webinars. See the left column for some of the highlights.

Interested in watching or engaging one of our speakers in 2018? Check our Speakers Bureau page.

CRICO Strategies (now Candello) in Action

Sharing Data with our CBS Membership

  • CRICO Strategies was excited to welcome SIMED of Puerto Rico to the CRICO Strategies CBS Community. Strategies also launched two CBS member forums for national peers to discuss challenges and solutions pertaining to underwriting and claims.
  • In June, Strategies facilitated a 2-day convening focused on maximizing the value of the CBS membership. Topics ranged from an exploration of the coding and analytical process, to various models for leveraging CBS data, and mechanisms for disseminating analyses and learnings across clients’ insured base.
  • Your data matters: CRICO Strategies and CBS data were mentioned in the media more than 99 times last year. This included nine publications in peer review journals such as Journal of Anesthesia & Analgesia, Diagnosis, Journal of Healthcare Risk Management, and Joint Commission Journal of Quality & Safety. In addition, CRICO Strategies received the Silver Lamplighter Award for its 2015 CBS Report, Malpractice Risks in Communication Failures.

CRICO Grants for Future improvements in Patient Safety

CRICO co-sponsors a patient safety and quality fellowship in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. The program recently graduated a class and inducted a new one. In addition, CRICO continues to fund important patient safety research from its members through an annual RFA to stimulate new ideas in patient safety and has created a showcase to highlight the results we’ve gained from our grants over the years.


Happy New Year. We look forward to a safe and productive 2018.

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