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Patient Safety

This team serves a vital role in risk reduction with our member institutions.

Patient Safety responds to risk management issues, provides education, tools, and incentives to increase patient safety, and data analysis based on our clinical coding taxonomy.

Carol_Keohane_web_©Ken_Kotch Carol Keohane, MS, RN Assistant Vice President, Patient Safety FULL BIO >
Jonathan_Einbinder Jonathan Einbinder, MD Assistant Vice President for Advanced Data Analytics and Coding FULL BIO >
Racheal_Barzey_WEB Rachael Barzey Grants Administrator FULL BIO >
Jason_Boulanger_web Jason Boulanger Program Director, Patient Safety FULL BIO >
Sara_Bowen_WEB2 Sara Bowen Project Assistant FULL BIO >
Kathy_Dwyer_web Kathy Dwyer, MSN, RN Senior Program Director FULL BIO >
Fred_Essieh_WEB Fred Essieh Senior Administrative Assistant for Patient Safety FULL BIO >
Carol_Ann_Garcia_WEB Carol Ann Garcia Project Coordinator for the AMC PSO FULL BIO >
Jock_Hoffman_web Jock Hoffman Senior Editor FULL BIO >
Maggie_Janes_web Margaret Janes, RN, JD Senior Program Director for Patient Safety and Education FULL BIO >
Carolyn_Jones_WEB Carolyn Jones Senior Administrative Assistant FULL BIO >
Patti_Lautner_WEB Patti Lautner Project Manager FULL BIO >
Cheryl_Norville_WEB Cheryl Norville Senior Program Administrator, Patient Safety and Education FULL BIO >
Adam_Schaffer_WEB Adam Schaffer, MD, MPH Senior Clinical Analytics Specialist FULL BIO >
Jillian_Skillings_WEB Jillian Skillings Senior Data Analyst FULL BIO >
Fangyu_Wang_WEB Fangyu Wang Data Analyst FULL BIO >
Joan-Marie_Wentworth_WEB Joan-Marie Wentworth Executive Assistant FULL BIO >
Winnie_Yu_web Winnie Yu, MBA, MA Data Analytics Manager FULL BIO >