Our Safety Solutions

Patient Safety

The Patient Safety Team serves a vital role in risk reduction by partnering with our members in a broad set of strategies and interventions focused on identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities. Together we create targeted solutions to improve patient safety and decrease malpractice risk.

We accomplish this through our Patient Safety Liaisons, clinical resources, online patient safety educational offerings, guidelines, publications, AMC PSO, Risk Assessment Unit and Grants Program.
Pat_Folcarelli_WEB Pat Folcarelli, RN, PhD Vice President of Patient Safety FULL BIO >
Jonathan_Einbinder Jonathan Einbinder, MD Vice President for Advanced Data Analytics and Coding FULL BIO >
Jason_Boulanger_web Jason Boulanger Program Director, Patient Safety and Director, Grants FULL BIO >
Sara_Bowen_NEW_WEB Sara Bowen Project Manager FULL BIO >
Jennifer_MacCready_WEB Jennifer Clair MacCready , DNP, RN, AHCNS-BC Program Director, Patient Safety FULL BIO >
Melissa_DeMayo_WEB Melissa DeMayo, RN, MSN,LNC Program Director, Patient Safety FULL BIO >
Fred_Essieh_WEB Fred Essieh Grants Administrator for Patient Safety FULL BIO >
Bianca_Falcone_WEB Bianca Falcone, MPH Senior Data Analyst FULL BIO >
Carol_Ann_Garcia_WEB Carol Garcia Program Administrator for the AMC PSO FULL BIO >
Jock_Hoffman_web Jock Hoffman Senior Editor FULL BIO >
Mehreen_Imitaz_WEB Mehreen Imtiaz Patient Safety Program Administrator FULL BIO >
Maggie_Janes_web Margaret Janes, RN, JD Senior Program Director, Patient Safety and Education FULL BIO >
Carolyn_Jones_WEB Carolyn Jones Senior Administrative Assistant FULL BIO >
Patti_Lautner_WEB Patti Lautner Project Manager II FULL BIO >
Joanne_Locke_WEB Joanne Locke, RN, JD Senior Patient Safety Program Director FULL BIO >
Cheryl_Norville_WEB Cheryl Norville Senior Program Administrator, Patient Safety and Education FULL BIO >
Annette_Roberts_WEB Annette Roberts, MSN, RN Program Director, Patient Safety FULL BIO >
Adam_Schaffer_WEB Adam Schaffer, MD, MPH Senior Clinical Analytics Specialist FULL BIO >
Jillian_Skillings_WEB Jillian Skillings Data Analytics Manager FULL BIO >
Jeff_Timperi_WEB Jeff Timperi Grants Manager FULL BIO >
Joan-Marie_Wentworth_WEB Joan-Marie Wentworth Executive Assistant FULL BIO >
Winnie_Yu_web Winnie Yu, MBA, MA Program Director, Advanced Analytics FULL BIO >
Carlos_Yugar_WEB Carlos Yugar Data Analyst FULL BIO >
Katherine_Zigmont_WEB Katherine Zigmont, BS, RN, CPPS Clinical Program Specialist FULL BIO >