Katherine Zigmont, BS, RN, CPPS, is a Clinical Program Specialist at CRICO in the Patient Safety Department.

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    A person seen from the thighs down with two prosthetic legs descending a staircase.

    Multiple Amputations Follow Prolonged ED Stay

    Case Study
    A 34-year-old male suffered complications of untreated pyelonephritis, including sepsis and multiple amputations, after spending 17 hours in the Emergency Department (ED).

    Fire in the OR

    Case Study
    The risk of an operating room fire should be assessed in the holding area, as well as early in the time out checklist.
    woman working at a computer

    Misinterpretation of CT Scan Delays Stroke Diagnosis

    Case Study
    A misinterpretation of a stat CT scan result and a lack of communication between providers delays an unresponsive woman’s stroke diagnosis.
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