The 2022 revisions to the Clinical Guidelines for Obstetrical Services at CRICO-insured Institutions were guided by a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians, including obstetricians, nurse leaders, nurse midwives, and anesthesiologists from several CRICO-insured institutions. The clinical chiefs of the obstetrical departments of the CRICO-insured institutions have approved the current version of these guidelines.

Contents of the Obstetrical Guidelines

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CRICO Obstetrical Care Guidelines Committee

Alexy Kochowiec, MD, Salem
Alisa Goldberg
Allyson Preston, MD, Salem
Blair Wylie, MD, BIDMC
Brian Bateman, MD, BWH
Carolina Bibbo, MD, BWH
Carrie Siefken, RN, Salem
Caryn Dutton, MD, BIDMC
Daniel Katz, MD, NWH
DeWayne Pursley, MD, BIDMC
Edward Patton, MD, CDH
Edwin Huang, MD, MAH
Jane Connor, RN, Atrius
Jeffery Ecker, MD, MGH
Jock Hoffman, CRICO
Joel Heller, MD, Salem Hospital
Jonathan Hecht,MD, BIDMC
Karen Manganaro, RN, BWH
Katherine Pocius, MD, MGH
Kathleen Harney, MD, CHA
Kevin Fitzpatrick, MD, Atrius
Leslie MacDonald, MD, MAH
Lisa Cavallaro, RN, Salem
Lisa Dunn Albanese, MD, BWH
Lisa Leffert, MD, MGH

Margi Coggins, CNM, MAH
Maria Smyth
Mary Boyd, MD, Beverly
Mary Collari, CNM, Salem
Marie Henderson, CNM, MGH
Mary Collari, CNM, NSMC
Mary Gosney, CNM, Atrius
Michael Reich, MD, Salem
Michelle Helgeson, CNM, NWH
Mimi Koehm, MD, NCH
Mimi Pomerleau, DNP, BWH
Nawal Nour, MD, BWH
Nicole Smith, MD, BWH
Philip Hess, MD, BIDMC
Rebecca Boyer, MD, Anna Jacques
Robert Barbieri, MD, BWH
Russell Atkins, MD, BID Plymouth
Ruth Tuomala, MD, BWH
Sarah Little, MD, BWH
Sarah Rae Easter, MD, BWH
Susan Hernandez,
Thomas Beatty, MD, NWH
Toni Golen, RN, BIDMC
Wendy Moan, RN, BWH
William Barth, MD, MGH

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