2023 CRICO Clinical Guidelines for Obstetrical Services Test

Starts On: 01/1/2023 Ends On: 1/1/2026

Type: Enduring Materials  Credits: 2

Description: This self-directed learning activity tests individual's interpretation of data and recommendations included in the CRICO Clinical Guidelines for Obstetrical Services.

Learners will read CRICO Clinical Obstetrical Guidelines and complete a 50-question test (≥ 85% correct). They will receive immediate feedback on their answers and have an opportunity to refer back to the guidelines as needed.

Objectives: Describe key patient safety risks encountered by obstetrical providers.

Apply the Clinical Guidelines for the Obstetrical Services of the CRICO-insured institutions to clinical scenarios.

Identify key times during labor when communication with the patient and documentation of this communication is important.

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