Based on the recommendations of our advisory committee, the 2022 version of Clinical Guidelines for Obstetrical Services at CRICO-insured Institutions, contains changes or enhancements in the following areas:


  • All pre-existing Guidelines and sample Consent documents were reviewed and revised (if necessary) by a multi-disciplinary team of obstetrical care providers.
  • Practice issues related to communication, documentation, consults, pregnancy dating, second trimester termination, antenatal corticosteroids, Group B Strep, and prolonged pregnancy were among those singled out.
  • Gender-limiting terminology was reviewed and adjusted where appropriate.


  • The supporting evidence for all Guidelines was reviewed and updated.


  • Every year, CRICO-insured obstetrical providers participating in the CRICO Obstetrics Patient Safety Program are required to pass a test based on their study of the OB Guidelines. The test, will be updated in advance of the 2023 policy year to reflect any clinically significant changes to the Guidelines.

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