Case Studies Illustrate the Impact of Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

Harassment and discrimination affect health care just like any other workplace. The case studies below explore situations where inappropriate behavior led to litigation. How would you have handled the scenarios?

  1. A Boss with a Discrimination Reputation: A patient care assistant’s request to accommodate a shift change was ignored.
  2. Declining Performance: A patient service coordinator, whose performance review reflected unacceptable performance prior to her termination, alleged racial discrimination.
  3. Was Age an Issue?: A 64-year-old female registered nurse alleged that her 29-year-old manager purposely hired a young woman for an open position and commented about that new hire's youthful appearance.
  4. Mishandling a Disability: A researcher’s request for an accommodation leads to a HIPAA violation and later termination.
  5. Inappropriate Behavior, Insincere Apology: A nurse’s return to work is disrupted by unwanted attention from a physician colleague.

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