CRICO Insights: December 2022

Top Risks Driving Patient Safety Gaps

CRICO’s Candello claims data provides valuable insights into what contributing factors trigger allegations of substandard care. Close patient safety gaps by exploring our data and using best practices to help drive safer care in the new year. The following risks head the list in closed CRICO claims from 2008-2022.

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Signs of Bias in Rejected Request for Accommodation

Join attorney Megan Kures as she discusses an employee practice liability case involving accommodation. She discusses what criteria needs to be met in order to find liability in a tort case. What can be learned?

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Safety Salute: Using AI to Reduce Missed Diagnoses

Through a CRICO grant-funded project Artificial Intelligence to Enhance a Cognitive Aid for Identifying Patients at Risk of Missed Diagnosis, Mitchell Feldman, MD, and Kavishwar Wagholikar, MD, PhD, developed and evaluated a cognitive aid for clinicians to identify patients at risk of a missed or delayed diagnosis. Learn more...

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Telehealth Gone Wrong? Not After These Videos

"When we’re looking at patient safety and caring for our patients, we want to make sure that we have all the tools in our tool belt to properly care for that patient.” Chad Anguilm, Vice President, Growth, Medical Advantage, part of TDC Group, addresses setting up a telehealth system that offers a positive patient care experience in "What Not to Do: Telehealth Lessons Learned—Technical Considerations." Watch now!

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Rapid PULSE 360 Pilot Program

In July, CRICO facilitated a Rapid PULSE 360 Pilot Program kick-off meeting to review objectives of the pilot program. The program is committed to helping healthcare providers obtain high-caliber feedback that will enable them to improve practice and teamwork skills. Leaders from Boston Children’s Hospital provided insight regarding their implementation of the PULSE 360 program. A recording of this kick-off meeting may be requested from CRICO. Learn more...


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