Dr. Jonathan L. Mezrich’s editorial discusses the findings from the analysis “Assessment of Claimant, Clinical, and Financial Characteristics of Teleradiology Medical Malpractice Cases.” The study published in the Radiology journal on April 2, 2024, was conducted by CRICO data experts using data from CRICO’s national Candello database. Dr. Mezrich wrote, “The study specifically looked at retrospective data from the Candello insurance database, which is a less comprehensive repository of malpractice claims than the government-run National Practitioner Data Bank. However, the Candello database provides greater detail regarding practice and event specifics.”

Dr. Mezrich’s conclusion includes, “The study is important because it highlights and disseminates data from an additional national database not previously available in the radiology literature.”

Full-text Citation

Mezrich JL. Malpractice from afar: Teleradiology may increase malpractice risk. Radiology. 2024 Apr;311(1):e240651. doi: 10.1148/radiol.240651.  


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