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Opioids, Skipped Test, Wrong Dx, and more...


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Opioids, Skipped Test, Wrong Dx, and more...

By Alison Anderson, Missy Padoll, Wallinda Hutson, CRICO

Related to: Communication, Diagnosis, Electronic Health Records, Primary Care, Informed Consent, Other Specialties, Publications

CRICO Insights: January 2017

Top CRICO Content in 2016


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Guidelines: General Informed Consent


FAQs: Medical Records


Analysis: Malpractice Risks in Communication Failures


Case Study/Podcast: Missed Steps Delay Breast Diagnosis

What can we provide to help you in 2017?


CRICO WEBINAR | Jan 30 - one hour - starts at 12:15

Prostate Cancer: Screening & Selected Tx Dilemmas

Each month, our webinar series Mitigating Diagnostic Risks in Primary Care addresses a common diagnostic challenge facing clinicians. Register now to get the latest advice and insights for PCPs... 



Does My Patient Understand
Why I Ordered this Test?

The patient skipped a recommended echocardiogram, then died suddenly of heart failure. Read the case and assess your practice... 


Opioid Treatment Did Not Consider Overall Med Risks

A 38-year-old woman with a history of suicide attempts and an Ativan prescription, dies of an overdose after being prescribed Oxycodone by a sleep specialist. What went wrong? 



No Review of Test Result: Wrong Dx for Years

“My first concerns... were that the patient had multiple providers and whenever we see a patient with multiple providers, you have to worry about care coordination.”  Dr. Berry reviews the case...


January 18, 2017
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