CRICO Insights: March 2022

Five Ways to Celebrate Patient Safety

In recognition of Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 13–19, 2022). Here are five of our most popular patient safety resources.


Are You Safe Case Studies

These case studies are designed to help all members of a multidisciplinary team reduce the risk of patient harm in the course and diagnosis and treatment.


What’s My Risk Data Analyses

What does medmal data reveal about your specialty-specific clinical risks—and what can you do about them?


Patient Safety Podcasts

Using interviews with experts from the Harvard medical institutions, we explore case studies and emerging issues.


Clinical Guidelines

Evidence-based decision support tools for physicians and nurses whose patient encounters align with high-severity malpractice risks.


CME Learning Hub

CRICO’s patient safety and claims defense experts join clinical leaders from Harvard’s medical community to share insights you need to provide the best and safest care for your patients.

Thank you for your continued participation in CRICO-sponsored activities, programs, and research to improve safety throughout health care. These resources underscore our year-round commitment to safety and offer ways you can continue to grow your patient safety awareness as well as mitigate risk.




Fighting Discrimination in the Health Profession at Harvard

Microaggression, sexual harassment, gender and race bias in the health profession. How does a malpractice insurer help? A roundtable discussion with a Harvard surgeon, a lawyer, and CRICO’s Senior Vice President of Claims.

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Toward an Ideal Referral Process

CRICO and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement teamed up to create a comprehensive outline of practical steps organizations can take to reduce the risk of referrals-related medical errors. We identified nine potential patient safety gaps in the referrals process and provide an expert panel’s specific recommendations for closing the loop.

Close the Loop...


woman thinking

Gaps in Clinical Workup Lead to Young Patient’s Missed Colorectal Cancer

A 33-year-old woman was diagnosed with colon cancer more than two years after her initial complaint of rectal bleeding.

What went wrong?


dr gonzalez

Voices of Women Physicians

Listen to them discuss what keeps these amazing physicians motivated and strong in today’s litigious society.

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