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CRICO Insights: July 2020

Top 3 Factors that Fuel Medmal Payments

Our analysis of 37,o00 cases identifed three breakdowns in health care processes that, when present, most significantly increase the odds that a given case will close with a payment.


Failure to have or follow a policy or protocol


Patient assessment failures


Absent or insufficient documentation

Learn more about predicting and preventing harm...


Telemedicine Patient Safety in the COVID-19 Era

Virtual health care is more popular than ever. CRICO interviewed two of the top leaders in telemedicine to help understand the patient safety and risk management issues. Prepare for your virtual visits...


Breast Cancer Treatment Delayed 15 Months by Mishandled Radiology Report

A 53-year-old patient experienced a 15-month delay in the treatment of cancer after breast biopsy. What went wrong?


The Power to Predict

Our newest report does more than identify the factors above. We also provide interventions to prevent harm and suggest strategies for defending clinicians in the event of a claim. Let's make it better...


Standing Up for Doctors in Court

Medmal attorney Ellen Epstein Cohen led a successful defense in a CRICO case with a national profile, under the most “challenging extraneous circumstances.” She explains why defending providers is so compelling. What kept Cohen focused?


Best Medical Practices Course 2020

PCPs, join us on November 7 for a day-long CME program focused on maximizing skills and minimizing risks in the primary care setting. Save the date...

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