CRICO Insights: August 2015

FAQs About Legal Issues

What should you say to a patient who is suing you? Do practice guidelines help or hurt the defense of a malpractice claim? CRICO answers these questions and more. Get answers


How Would You Manage This Patient?

A 53-year-old male saw his PCP for worsening heartburn and yet died of cardiac arrest the next day. How would you have saved the patient’s life? Take the quiz

Patient Falls

Our AMC PSO identifies contributing factors to patient falls and the potential solutions so you can mitigate the risk. Learn more


Should Midwife Have Sought an OB Consult?

Following a difficult vaginal delivery, the parents of a child with cerebral palsy claimed that the certified nurse midwife failed to recognize fetal distress. Learn more


$2 Million for Harvard Patient Safety Projects

This year, CRICO awarded $2 million in grants to fund 10 Harvard researchers who aim to reduce medical errors and harm to patients. (transcript available) Learn more


Top Final Diagnoses in ED Cases


Learn more about Emergency Department risks and solutions

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