New analysis of national data by a multidisciplinary research team from the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence and CRICO, found that across all clinical settings, an estimated 795,000 Americans die or are permanently disabled by diagnostic error each year. The researchers sought to provide the first rigorous national estimate of permanent disability and death from diagnostic error. CRICO’s Adam Schaffer, MD, and Winnie Yu were members of the research team.

Full-text Citation
Newman-Toker DE, Nassery N, Schaffer AC, Yu-Moe CW, Clemens GD, Wang Z. Zhu Y, Saber Tehrani AS, Fanai M, Hassoon. A, Siegal D. Burden of serious harms from diagnostic error in the USA. BMJ Quality & Safety. Published Online First: 17 July 2023. doi: 10.1136/bmjqs-2021-014130

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