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Obstetrics Guidelines Listing


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See also the OB Guidelines Home Page containing a PDF version as well as the test that is part of the Patient Safety Program.


OB Guidelines Overview

Guidelines 1–15

1: Documentation for Patient Safety

2: Informed Consent 

3: Clinician Coverage and Transfer of Patient Care 

4: Consultation 

5: Resolution of Clinical Discord

6: Preconception Care

7: Pregnancy Dating Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD)

8: Antenatal Care

9: Second Trimester Pregnancy Termination

10: Antenatal Tests of Fetal Well-being

11: Use of Antenatal Corticosteroids for Fetal Maturation

12: Prevention of Neonatal Sepsis Due to Group B Streptococci

13: Availability of Clinician and Case Load in Labor and Delivery

14: Scheduled and Elective Delivery

15: Assessment and Monitoring in Labor and Delivery

Guidelines 16–35

16: Induction of Labor 

17: Augmentation of Labor

18: Operative Vaginal Delivery

19: Prevention of Retained Sponges Needles Following Vaginal Delivery

20: Management of Breech Presentations

21: Management of Twins

22: Prolonged Pregnancy

23: Macrosomia

24: Management of Shoulder Dystocia

25: Patients with Previous Cesarean Delivery

26: Cesarean Delivery on Patient Request

27: Obstetrical Surgery Safety Communication

28: Anesthesia in Obstetrics

29: Placental Pathology Evaluation

30: Early Warning System

31: Postpartum Care

32: Therapeutic Hypothermia for Neonates

33: Newborn Male Circumcision 

34: Reporting of Adverse Outcomes

35: Institutional Responsibilities

Appendices A–C

A: Sample Documentation of Delivery with Shoulder Dystocia

B: Sample Documentation of Operative Vaginal Delivery

C: Early Warning Algorithm

Appendices D–H: Sample Consent Forms

D: About Your Care During Labor and Birth

E: Breech Version or External Cephalic Version

F: Delivery Following a Previous Cesarean Delivery

G: The Delivery of Twins

H: Primary Cesarean Delivery on Patient Request

August 8, 2022
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