Our 5 Most Popular Patient Safety Material in 2023

Our varied content aims to educate, inform, and promote the adoption of proven patient safety practices to help you avoid risk and keep your patients safe. Here are the most popular content pieces of 2023. See what your fellow physicians and nurse practitioners are interested in! 

  1. Podcast: When a Doctor is Sued, Defendant Finds Her Voice
  2. Case Study: Multiple Amputations Follow Prolonged ED Stay
  3. Article: Documentation Dos and Don’ts
  4. Event/Online Course: Understanding Copy and Paste Risks in Malpractice Cases
  5. SPS Newsletter: Lawsuits are Not Always Over When the Verdict Comes In
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NPs and PAs Don’t Pose Higher Safety Risk: Candello Study

According to Candello’s new benchmarking report: “Sea Change in U.S. Care Delivery: Analysis of Advanced Practice Provider and Physician Malpractice Risk,” medical professional liability risk is not worse for APPs than for physicians.

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Improper Management Causes Significant Post-surgery Complications

Case Study

A 60-year-old female suffered long-term injury from the mismanaged complications of a cholecystectomy. The patient alleged that the mishandling of the post-operative calls, and lack of follow up by the surgeon’s office, caused her post-operative complications.

What went wrong?
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Provider Burnout + Malpractice Risk = The Lost City of Atlantis

Even the very best (but exhausted) clinicians are fully capable of delivering proficient care in a fully predictable environment. Learn why this is simply not possible.

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Lahey RAP Interview Video

Lahey Medical Center risk managers and quality officers discuss why they recommend partnering with CRICO for a risk assessment and best practices sharing exercise. CRICO’s Bessie Manley-Szum explains the process and benefits.

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Industry Insight of the Month


Here are 12 topics that explore the subject of discrimination, harassment, and other workplace pain points. Can you relate?

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