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Insight of the Month

September 2023

Autism doesn’t hold people back at work. Discrimination does.

Read this article from the Harvard Business Review

August 2023

Employers will need to prove religious accommodations inflict substantial costs before denying them.

Supreme Court fortifies standard for religious accommodations

July 2023

The vast majority of nurses endure racism or some form of discrimination from patients, but a recent survey shows that bias and mistreatment also come from colleagues and supervisors.

Nurses face widespread bias, study finds

June 2023

Electronic monitoring and surveillance of employees is often conducted by employers for a variety of reasons. Employers must be aware of potential liabilities that could interfere with employees’ privacy rights.

Employee monitoring and surveillance

May 2023

The World Health Organization’s World mental health report highlights the workplace as a key example where action on mental health is needed. Protecting and promoting mental health at work and reducing psycho-social risks can improve retention of staff and work performance. 

Mental health at work

April 2023

Structural sexism contributes to the persistent earnings gap between female and male physicians: A better understanding of the association between family structure and sex gaps in physician earnings and hours worked over the life cycle is needed to advance policies addressing persistent sex disparities. 

Marriage, children, and sex-based differences in physician hours and income

March 2023

Negative organizational culture has a considerable impact on employee well-being and engagement, as well as financial and reputational consequences.

Why every leader needs to worry about toxic culture

February 2023

Addressing maternity discrimination and creating an inclusive workplace environment that destigmatizes pregnancy.

Maternity discrimination: How to beat the stigma

January 2023

A rise in violence against healthcare workers highlights the need for employers to review employment policies to protect against claims of failure to protect their employees. 

Rising violence in health care facilities

November 2022

With rude behavior on the rise in health care, behavior may escalate to the level of legal consequences. Read for insights and research on collectively achieving a civil workplace.

Be nice

October 2022

Current Apple lawsuit highlights the need for awareness around ageism and the power of performance reviews in litigation.

Apple ‘Ageism’ blamed by senior manager in his 60s for no merit bonus

September 2022

As health care employers continue to face new challenges into 2022, it will be important to be aware of these challenges to grow and retain a workforce.

Health care workforce employment law issues to watch in 2022

August 2022

There are multiple laws related to employee speech and activity and each have nuances that are important for employers and managers to understand.

Addressing employee speech in times of controversy

July 2022

Identify and address problem behaviors early and often with feedback, clear expectations, formal appraisals and 1:1 coaching.

Problem behaviors and detailed strategies for handling them

June 2022

The pandemic is leading to an increase in discrimination claims around COVID-19 and mental health.

Disputes impacting health care employers and employees

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