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Malpractice Trends and Support For Nurses

Nursing Education Webinar

As key players in health care delivery, it is imperative for nurses to understand and mitigate their malpractice risks. This webinar will share information and data surrounding the drivers of malpractice claims and provide mitigation tactics specific to nurses. Join us June 21, 2024.

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Understanding Employment Practice Liability
Keeping It Professional Webinar

In a recent analysis of Employment Practice Liability (EPL) claims, CRICO identified 1,985 allegations in 628 cases of unprofessional behavior and disrespectful conduct. Learn how to identify such behaviors and improve processes to deal with them more effectively, by joining us on July 24, 2024.

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Failure to Resume Anticoagulation after Procedure Causes Stroke
Case Study

A patient with a complex medical history suffers a fatal stroke after medication management issues during their hospital stay.

What went wrong?

Taking the Pulse of a Clinician’s Interpersonal Skills


Achieving the best clinical outcomes and avoiding negligence or even harassment claims demand a focus on communicating well with colleagues across disciplines, up and down the hierarchy. Hear how a number of Harvard-affiliated organizations are using a CRICO-funded survey tool and coaching to improve.

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We’re Taking a Summer Break
Insights Update

With this issue, CRICO Insights is going on vacation. Well return with a new name and new look. Keep your eye out for CRICO on Call this autumn. Happy summer!

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