CRICO Insights: November 2020

6 Key Ways to Mitigate Risk From Unexpected EHR Downtime

Cyberattacks against health care systems are on the rise, increasing the risk of your organization’s electronic health record (EHR) becoming inaccessible.

Here’s what you, as a clinician, can do before, during, and after an unexpected downtime, courtesy of our AMC PSO guidelines:


Participate in EHR downtime drills.


Know where, how, and who to contact for downtime/recovery updates.


Communicate responsibly to patients about the downtime status and safeguards in place.


Practice safe information exchange, including verbal and paper handoffs.


Acknowledge the extra work and increased risk of burnout; support fellow workers and ask for support if overwhelmed.


Downtime isn’t over for you until it’s over for everyone. Wait until an “all clear” has been given before accessing EHR again.

Read more: AMC PSO Guidelines: EHR Downtime and EHR Downtime: What Clinicians Need to Know

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