Ambulatory safety nets (ASNs) are person-centered programs that provide a highly reliable backup system for following up on abnormal test results when the standard follow-up process fails.

Co-authored by CRICO’s Pat Folcarelli RN, MA, PhD, and Luke Sato, MD, this article was published in Inside Medical Liability Online. It delves into the history of CRICO’s funding of pilots among our insured institutions to create and test the efficacy of ASNs. In 2023, we will begin the expansion of the ambulatory surgery safety nets. These ASNs will include patients with suspected breast, lung, or prostate cancer with the intention of full implementation with all four cancer ambulatory safety nets by 2025.

Citation for the Full-text Article

Folcarelli P, Sato L. Ambulatory safety nets: Protecting providers and promoting safety with systems to reduce delayed cancer diagnoses. Inside Medical Liability Online. April 2023.


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