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Failure to Rescue


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Patient Safety Alert 22: Failure to Rescue (PDF)

The AMC PSO has recently assembled a panel of subject matter experts to review data, literature, and their own experiences with insufficient patient monitoring and failure to rescue.

Case-Type Review

To gain a better understanding of failure to rescue’s causes and potential solutions, the AMC PSO assembled a panel of subject matter experts to review the following:

  • Analyzed patient safety event data offered a representative view of the risks associated with failure to rescue.



Library of All AMC PSO Patient Safety Alerts

For even more patient safety alert material, please review our series of AMC PSO Patient Safety Alerts to understand the variety of topics covered by our members. AMC PSO makes patient safety learnings available to the public as part of CRICO’s ongoing commitment towards improving patient safety across the continuum of care.


December 3, 2014
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