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AMC PSO Patient Safety Alert Issue 9


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Patient Safety Alert 9: Patient Safety in Labor and Delivery: Managing Complex Conditions in a Complex Environment (PDF)

The AMC PSO in conjunction with CRICO’s Patient Safety Department has continued to analyze OB-related malpractice claims along with real-time root cause analysis information to identify trends, respond to present system vulnerabilities, and educate members on new emerging risks.


Issues related to management of second stage labor predominate and are addressed below:

  • Human Factor Issues: Failure to accurately assess and document maternal-fetal status including: cervical dilation, effacement and membrane status, and fetal heart rate pattern



Library of All AMC PSO Patient Safety Alerts

For even more patient safety alert material, please review our series of AMC PSO Patient Safety Alerts to understand the variety of topics covered by our members. AMC PSO makes patient safety learnings available to the public as part of CRICO’s ongoing commitment towards improving patient safety across the continuum of care.


December 31, 2012
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