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EHR Risks, Safer Handoffs, and more...


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EHR Risks, Safer Handoffs, and more...

By Alison Anderson, Missy Padoll, Wallinda Hutson, CRICO

Related to: Claims, Diagnosis, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Publications

CRICO Insights: July 2017

Five Proven Actions for Safer Patient Handoffs

llness-severity assessment


atient summary


ction list


ituation awareness and contingency plan


ynthesis by receiver

Source: I-PASS Study Group─the 2017 national Eisenberg Award Winner. Learn more. CRICO was an early-on supporter of the group’s work, which serves as a framework for handoffs of care for multiple learner types and environments.




Help Decide Which MedMal Cases Go to Court

Physicians are needed for Massachusetts tribunals. Participating physicians get Risk Management Credit for CME and a small stipend. Find out how you can participate...


psoPatient and Visitor De-escalation

The AMC PSO convened safety leaders to review recent trends and discuss novel interventions to mitigate the risk of violence in hospitals. What can we do?



MedMal Risks Associated with EHRs

The data in this study confirm that adverse events related to the use of EHRs are encountered in all health care settings. They involve both human and technical issues. Learn more...


podcast PODCAST

How Simulators Help OR Teams

Why do busy surgical teams take time to “play pretend”? How can fake patients save lives, money, and grief? Even the skeptics say it’s worth the effort, and it should be done everywhere. Sim educators and learners share their discoveries...


RMFIANot Just MedMal: We Can Help Get You Covered

While CRICO covers your medical professional liability, the RMF Insurance Agency can assist you in finding optimal personal and business insurance coverages. Take advantage of this benefit for CRICO members...

July 14, 2017
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