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Protecting Providers: Support, Data, & Expertise


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Protecting Providers: Support, Data, & Expertise

Related to: Claims, Communication, Cures Act: Opening Notes, Publications

CRICO’s mission—Protect Providers. Promote Safety.—serves as a core inspiration to our staff and represents a deep and enduring commitment to the well-being of our community of member organizations, clinicians, employees, and patients.

To fulfill this dual mission, we place significant focus on promoting safety; leveraging our analysis of medical malpractice claims to identify and then mitigate risk. In parallel, we allocate considerable resources towards protecting providers and supporting them through the most challenging of circumstances. Over time, we have adapted the ways in which we deliver this support to insure our services best meet the needs of our members.

This issue of Protecting Providers addresses the myriad ways in which an allegation of malpractice might impact a provider. We’ve shared first-hand advice from your peers, as well as recommendations and resources from legal and clinical experts. Through these articles and data, we hope to arm those of you who have the misfortune to face this experience personally, with tools to help you better navigate the experience. Above all, we want you to know we are here should you need us.

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Protecting Providers: download the pdf

You can download the complete pdf, or use the links below to access on-line versions of selected articles.

If You Are a CRICO Defendant

CRICO-insured physicians can use the log-in at the top of this page to access additional defendant support materials. Non-physicians, please contact your Claim Representative for My CRICO access.


Note: This publication is a revision of, Insight into Claims, which can be found on the Insight archive page.

January 28, 2021
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