Nursing and Patient Safety
Safe care starts with nursing.

Medical errors can and do happen, even among skilled, well-meaning, and vigilant nurses and health care professionals.


American Nurses Association

Leaders, regulators and administrators have a responsibility to nurses and patients to put in place and sustain organizational structures that support a just culture, which includes recognizing that mistakes happen and systems fail.

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American Nurses Association

Nurses too often find themselves working under conditions that increase the likelihood of adverse outcomes from tragic mistakes.

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American Nurses Association

Nursing is an essential element of any patient safety improvement effort. Clear communication, documentation, and teamwork all contribute to a safer care environment. 

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CRICO Covers Nurses & APPs
Nurses employed by our subscriber organizations have CRICO medical malpractice coverage.

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In the wake of medical errors, just cultures are critical

Icing the Patient Safety Movement

Vaught Case: an Anomaly?

APP Malpractice Cases

Findings showed Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) were rarely involved in the care or event that prompted a claim and were much less likely than physicians (MDs) to be named as defendants in medical professional liability (MPL) cases.
Are APPs at Risk?
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Trend data that influence nursing related claims.

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CRICO Nursing Coverage

Criminal Prosecution is Rare

CRICO’s response to the risk of criminal prosecution of nurses and other health care workers.
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Nursing-Related Case Studies

Podcasts related to Nursing

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