Since the CRICO board approved a CRICO-directed grant for the Rapid PULSE 360 Pilot Program in March 2022, the following organizations have either completed or are working on the first-round survey:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess – Milton
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Lahey Hospital
  • Mass General Brigham – Pathology
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
  • New England Baptist Hospital

Another eight organizations have agreed to participate in the pilot program. Scores from 525 individual surveys at seven organizations were consistent with Harvard peers, who perform four percentage points higher than the rest of the country on average.

Testimonial from Pilot Program

Aalok Agarwala, MD is the Chief Medical Officer at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. He led the PULSE pilot program implementation at the hospital with a roughly 99% participation rate among physicians.

He discusses how physicians rarely have opportunities to receive feedback about their interpersonal and collaboration skills: “We have trained and trained and trained and spent years and years in residencies and fellowships to become who we are as clinicians. We haven’t all had the training to know how to work in these professional environments with different folks necessarily in the same way.”

We are constantly striving to improve the lives of our patients by providing the care that we do. For some [physicians], it’s a great pat on the back to learn that your colleagues really think of you highly... For department leaders, this tool opens the door for that conversation to say you know what, ‘you’re doing great in the OR, you’re doing great academically, but I think you might have something to work on with the way that you’re interacting with the staff, so how can we help you get better in those interactions.’

Aalok Agarwala

Aalok Agarwala, MD

Chief Medical Officer at Massachusetts Eye and Ear

Agawala on feedback

Dr. Agarwala goes on to express the value of the program and coaching service: “This is an opportunity to make another aspect of who you are just a little bit better... This is not remediation. It is not punitive. This is an opportunity for improvement, and it’s a benefit that is being provided to you at no cost.”

Rapid PULSE Pilot Program Convening

In October 2023, the CRICO Board agreed with an Operations Committee recommendation that eligible individuals be required to participate in Pulse-provided coaching at no cost to the institution or individual. Mandatory coaching applies to individuals who scored red or yellow on the survey results.

CRICO Employment Practice Liability Resources

You can find additional information about CRICO’s EPL program and educational resources at our homepage.


14 questions and answers about the Rapid PULSE 360 program

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