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    Pattern recognition

    CRICO Grant Spotlight: Using Artifical Intelligence to Reduce Missed Diagnoses

    Through a CRICO grant-funded project Artificial Intelligence to Enhance a Cognitive Aid for Identifying Patients at Risk of Missed Diagnosis, Mitchell Feldman, MD, and Kavishwar Wagholikar, MD, PhD, developed and evaluated a cognitive aid for clinicians to identify patients at risk of a missed or delayed diagnosis.

    CRICO Grant Spotlight: Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Among Women 40–49 in Primary Care

    Through a CRICO grant-funded project, Mara Schonberg, MD, MPH, sought to learn if providing women age 40-49 with information about their risk of breast cancer is useful to them when deciding on breast cancer screening and prevention interventions. Participants completed a pre-test, received their personalized breast cancer risk report, saw their primary care clinician, and completed a post-test.
    person leaping over a chasm

    Risks in Surgery: Contributing Factors

    Every interaction with a patient is prone to risk. Leverage Candello Data to identify risks which resonate, and apply a process by which you can mitigate those risks by addressing specific problems.
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