5 Insights to Help Mitigate Diagnostic Errors in the New Year

Candello data show that one out of three malpractice cases resulting in death or permanent disability are due to inaccurate or delayed diagnosis. CRICO has created a series of resources to assist clinicians in addressing the issue.

  1. Bringing Malpractice Data to Bear on the Challenge of Diagnostic Errors
  2. Reducing the Occurrence of Malpractice Cases Involving Inadequate Patient Assessment
  3. Medical Error’s Stubborn Threat to Hospital Patients
  4. CRICO Grant Spotlight: Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Missed Diagnoses
  5. Failure to Diagnose Myocardial Infarction

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Close up of surgery
Alert on Surgical Items Left Behind in Patients

In late 2023, the Academic Medical Center Patient Safety Organization (AMC PSO) issued an advisory noting a spike in reports of retained surgical items. OR distractions and problems with trust are among the barriers to preventing these errors. Learn more about solutions.

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Toddler Requires Surgery after Delay in Diagnosis

Case Study

Miscommunication and failure to follow protocol are common causes of adverse events. Learn how these challenges left a decomposing battery in a toddler’s nose.

What went wrong?
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Addressing Virtual Care Challenges
Challenges in Virtual Care
CME Webinar

Join our experts on March 14 to discuss the complexities of virtual health care and learn more about ways to mitigate the challenges presented by telehealth.

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Addressing Race-based Algorithms in Health Care


In a thought-provoking piece, Marcus Boggis, Head of Business and Client Operations at Candello, reflects on an article challenging the use of race in medical algorithms.

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Race-based algorithms
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