CRICO Insights: September 2022

Six Key Safety Principles in Primary Care

Through its Office Practice Evaluation (OPE) program and analysis of medical malpractice case data, CRICO and its primary care community identified six key safety principles in primary care:


Establish and sustain a culture of safety


Build and support effective teams


Partner with patients and families in their care


Ensure closed-loop processes for referrals and tests


Develop systems for reliable diagnosis and delivery of evidence-based care


Standardize communication among all care providers

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Making Sure Patients Don’t Catch Fire During Surgery

For most people, a fire in an operating room during surgery is unimaginable. Professionals in OR settings know about the risk, but experts in patient safety want hospitals and providers to focus more on lowering the potential for fire during surgery and to consider the question of why fires continue to occur in operating rooms, and what to do about it.

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Incomplete Record Review Delays Endocarditis Diagnoses

A patient came in reporting a fever, rash, and fatigue. Her PCP did not see the patient’s history of congenital bicuspid aortic valve, which was in her medical record. Her symptoms grew worse. One week later, on exam by another physician, a heart murmur was noted leading to a diagnosis of aortic valve endocarditis.

What can be learned?

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Lost Specimens Webinar

Mishandled and lost specimens are a patient safety risk with a particular impact on patient trust and a potential for diagnostic error. This webinar on October 7th offers pathologists, surgeons, laboratory medicine staff, perioperative nurses, and patient safety leaders’ knowledge about those risks and best practices to decrease mishandled and lost specimens.

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CME Conference: Building Resiliency

CRICO invites you to join us Friday, November 18, 2022, for our annual CME conference, Best Medical Practices: Maximizing Skills & Minimizing Risks in the Primary Care Setting. This course is an excellent opportunity for you to build resiliency in your practice. This conference is designed specifically to maximize primary care providers’ diagnostic skills for the most common diagnoses seen in primary care malpractice cases.

No longer available.

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