CRICO Insights: June 2022

Five Questions for a Patient Who Refuses a Cancer Screening

There is a new national effort underway to close the wide cancer screening gap mainly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Help keep your patient who refuses recommended cancer screening safe, as well as strengthen your liability resiliency, by considering asking them these questions:


Do you have an interest in being screened for any potential health risk?


Is there something particular about cancer screening that concerns you?


If indications of cancer were detected, would you want to be treated?


Do you understand that, if you do contract cancer, your options for treatment—and your life expectancy—may be diminished by your refusal to undergo screening?


Would you like to discuss this issue with another provider?

Read more FAQs about cancer screenings.

test tubes

Patient Safety Guidance for Pathology Specimens

Lost and mishandled specimens are a universal problem, often with significant impact on diagnostic error and patient safety risk. This consensus-supported guideline identifies the potential missteps along a specimen’s path, from ordering to accessioning, and provides risk mitigation strategies.

Avoid the pitfalls of the specimen journey...

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Missteps Before and After a Patient Fall

Identification and reassessment of patient fall risk is critical for recognition of changes in patient status. When these vital steps are not performed, this can lead to serious injury. This was the case with this post-op patient, which lead to his death.

What went wrong?

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When Virtual Isn’t Good Enough, and Patients Refuse to Come In

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the subsequent rapid expansion of care delivery online, concern has arisen about patients’ understanding of the risks and benefits of that delivery model for their condition. This becomes especially important when their provider tells them that a virtual visit is inadequate, but the patient will not come in.

What can you do?

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Understanding the Medical Malpractice Defense Process

This live webinar, to be held on Wednesday, June 22 at noon, will improve your understanding of the medical malpractice defense process. Find out how a medical malpractice case is investigated and defended.

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Latest News from CRICO

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    In the Wake of a New Report on Diagnostic Errors SIDM Invites Collaboration and Policy Action

    A new report by CRICO and Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence provides the first national estimate of permanent morbidity and mortality resulting from diagnostic errors across all clinical settings. The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) works to raise awareness of the burden of diagnostic error as a major public health issue and calls for collaboration and policy action on the issue.

    Burden of Serious Harms from Diagnostic Error in the USA

    New analysis of national data by a multidisciplinary research team from the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence and CRICO, found that across all clinical settings, an estimated 795,000 Americans die or are permanently disabled by diagnostic error each year.

    Diagnostic Errors Linked to Nearly 800,000 Deaths or Cases of Permanent Disability in U.S.

    CRICO in partnership with Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence, conducted a study that indicates misdiagnosis of disease or other medical conditions leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths and permanent disabilities each year in the U.S.
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