CRICO Insights: October 2022

5 Ways to Strengthen Management of Breast Density Screening Risks

Here are a few ways to keep breast care management care on track and avoid risks for patients identified as having dense breasts.


Offer patients information about the overall impact of breast density


Explain the impact breast density has on the ability to detect breast cancer


Discuss the risks and benefits of any follow-up screening options


Offer follow-up information to ensure your patients understand their risks


Document any additional screening decisions reached due to breast density

Read more about strengthening these practices...

a row of lab specimens in test tubes


New Guidance on Preventing Lost Medical Specimens

Mishandled and lost specimens are a patient safety risk with a particular impact on patient trust and a potential for diagnostic error. This podcast talks about the AMC PSO's work creating guidelines on handling lost or missing specimens. Learn more...


Telehealth Gone Wrong? Not After These Videos

Virtual visits can involve patients calling into their video appointment from the supermarket…fuzzy computer screens during examinations…even doctors “visiting” the wrong patient. These challenges and more present additional clinical and liability risks to busy practices delivering telehealth. Learn more about strategies to mitigate these and other telehealth risks with a new video series from Candello and TDC Group. Watch now!

OR room

OR Fires Webinar

Operating room fires are rare but devastating events that can lead to patient morbidity and death. This webinar on October 24th offers anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, operating room staff, and patient safety leaders knowledge about current approaches around fire safety in the operating room. Learn more...

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Mishandling a Disability

A talented researcher was denied an academic promotion, worsening her depression. She asked her research supervisor for accommodations recommended by her psychiatrist; however, her health condition was shared without her consent, the accommodations were not made, and eventually she was terminated. After her termination, she filed a complaint with the state discrimination board alleging disability discrimination, a hostile work environment, and retaliation. What can be learned?

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CME Conference: Building Resiliency

CRICO invites you to join us Friday, November 18, 2022, for our annual CME conference, Best Medical Practices: Maximizing Skills & Minimizing Risks in the Primary Care Setting. This course is an excellent opportunity for you to build resiliency in your practice. This conference is designed specifically to maximize primary care providers’ diagnostic skills for the most common diagnoses seen in primary care malpractice cases. Register today...

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