CRICO Insights: January 2020

Experts from across the Harvard Medical institutions collaborate to produce these decision support tools. Guidelines in the areas below were the most visited in 2019.

Top Clinical Guidelines in 2019

1. Obstetrics

2. Informed Consent

3. Colorectal Cancer

4. Breast Care Management

5. EHR Downtime


Putting Patient Safety First in the New Year:
Primary Care Resolutions

The start of a new year and a new decade presents a perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at safety practices and determine—for yourself and for your patients... Are You Safe?  


The Necessity of Peer Support

The experience of a medical error or adverse event may significantly impact the psychological well-being of clinicians. How can institutions support their clinicians?


Status Change Missed, Consultation Flawed, and the Patient Loses Baby

Communication between the primary provider and a phone consultant needed more clarity, if a tragic outcome had any chance of being averted. What went wrong?


Deposition: Expectations and Tips

The initial relaxed appearance of a deposition may be misleading. The plaintiff’s attorney might suddenly ask, “How many patients have died while you were doing this surgery?” An unprepared witness can easily be shaken...


Risks in Ob/Gyn: Primary Allegations

Care related to L&D and surgical mishaps lead the types of events represented in medmal claims for Ob/Gyns. CRICO has tools to help keep you and your patients safer. Get the scoop...

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