CRICO Insights: May 2019

Do’s and Don’ts of Judging Past Care

Remarks or medical record entries critical of prior care are a frequent reason patients consider litigation. Before you cast blame, consider these suggestions:


accurately and objectively document the patient’s condition at the time you assume care

answer your patient’s questions without displaying judgment

“keep the record straight,” without pointing fingers or blaming others


make oral or written criticism of a patient’s previous care—you may not have all the facts

make casual, critical remarks—they may be taken more seriously than you intend

Read more…“What should be stated or written if the standard of previous care is questioned?


What should I do when I get a subpoena for my office records?

Usually, you have to comply, but sometimes you have to refuse. The one thing you can’t do is ignore it. Get the FAQs about dealing with legal issues...


Expecting Diagnosis Errors

Dr. Gordon Schiff offers clinicians a variety of methods to anticipate diagnostic errors and prevent them. Expect to make mistakes...


A Discordant Provider-Patient Relationship

A mother’s dissatisfaction with her son’s sore throat treatment ultimately leads to a malpractice claim. Even proper care can lead to lawsuits if the parties involved are not on the same page. What went wrong?


Updated: CRICO Breast Care Management Algorithm

Harvard experts have revised the algorithm, offering updated guidance on assessing the risks for asymptomatic patients and managing common patient presentations. Find out what's changed...


Measuring the ROI of Patient Safety Programs

Can the ROI of a patient safety intervention be assessed? And if so, how? Dr. Adam Schaffer reviews the literature and outlines how CRICO’s data can help gain traction with the C-suite. Don't spin your wheels...

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