CRICO Insights: April 2018

Top Patient Safety Risks forHealth System Expansion

System expansions can have substantial effects on clinical care and patient safety, particularly when clinicians encounter...


New Patient Population

Significant gaps in care can occur if facilities are not prepared.


Unfamiliar Infrastructure

Changes in supplies, equipment, formularies, protocols, and information systems can slow down care and increase risks.


New Practice Settings

New site assignments with little or no orientation for clinicians increases risks in such areas as: infrastructure, processes, teams, and clinical culture.

A joint study between CRICO and Ariadne Labs recently produced a freely available patient safety toolkit to promote discussion, monitoring, and strategic planning to help mitigate risks related to health system expansions.


Harvard Joins IHI to Cut Referral Mistakes

In any complex medical system, malpractice cases can arise from failures in the referral process. In part 1 of a 3-part series, we speak with Drs. Tejal Gandhi of IHI and Luke Sato of CRICO about a recently released tool: Closing the Loop...


10,000 Medical Apps and Counting

More and more, clinicians count on smartphone apps to assist with their workload. These nine medical apps that may not be on your radar, but might be worth a try. Get choice selections from an endless supply...


Telemedicine: Less Travel, More Rules

While telemedicine drastically reduces travel requirements for both patients and clinicians, it can increase the rules and regulations that clinicians need to to navigate. What should you look out for?


Cancer, Death After Mistakenly Told Biopsy Normal

A 53-year-old woman died from endometrial cancer after a biopsy report indicating insufficient tissue for diagnosis was mistakenly relayed to her as “normal.” What went wrong?

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