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Disclosure of Medical Error and Compensation

CRICO encourages honest and informed communications between clinicians and patients regarding all aspects of medical care. Learn more

case studyCould you Miss a Colorectal Cancer?

Our data shows many do. Test your own knowledge by taking this private quiz. The scenario below is taken from a CRICO closed malpractice case. Learn more


Colon Cancer Diagnosis Delayed

A 68-year-old man was never screened before being diagnosed with colon cancer. Learn more


How Do Diagnosis Errors Happen?

Diagnostic errors out-paced errors in obstetrics, and were costlier than surgical cases in the newest annual CRICO Benchmarking Report. Learn more

Clinical Research Presentations

CRICO makes available a set of data profiles related to some of the highest risk areas for medical malpractice vulnerability.Learn more

2015 Patient Safety Symposium
Putting Culture on Trial:
A Class Action Suit

Is culture the guilty party
in unsafe care?
June 5, Boston Register


Analyzing the Diagnostic Process

2,685 cases filed 2008-2012 alleging a diagnostic failure and involving an ambulatory care patient.
A case will often have multiple factors identified.

CBS Data from Benchmarking Report

Learn more about diagnositic errors...

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