CRICO’s Patient Safety Department has a Risk Assessment Unit (RAU) that conducts services for member organizations seeking to understand patient safety strengths and vulnerabilities in the context of mergers/acquisitions. The RAU has access to a rich body of work to help articulate identified factors and by which to frame improvement recommendations.

This article describes the RAU process and how “a well-structured and highly-inclusive risk assessment—involving a broad cross-section of interviews—can be key to a successful transition of optimal health care safety during organizational changes.” 

Citation for the Full Text Article

Folcarelli P, Hoffman J, Janes M, MacCready JC, Roberts A, Boulanger J, DeMayo M, Sanchez JV, Szum BM. Assessing the impact of hospital mergers and acquisitions on safety culture with proactive risk assessments. Journal of Healthcare Risk Management. 2023 May 2. [Epub ahead of print]


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    The Patient Safety Adoption Framework: A Practical Framework to Bridge the Know-Do Gap

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    Many patient safety initiatives fail to be adopted and implemented, even when proven effective. This creates the well-recognized know-do gap—which occurs when health care workers know what should be done based on evidence vs. what takes place in practice. To address this issue, CRICO funded the development of a patient safety adoption framework and had it evaluated by leaders in quality and safety. The framework and its findings were published online in the Journal of Patient Safety in April 2023.
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    Ambulatory Safety Nets: Protecting Providers and Promoting Safety with Systems to Reduce Delayed Cancer Diagnoses

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    Ambulatory safety nets (ASNs) are person-centered programs that provide a highly reliable backup system for following up on abnormal test results when the standard follow-up process fails. Co-authored by CRICO’s Pat Folcarelli RN, MA, PhD, and Luke Sato, MD, this article about ASNs was featured in Inside Medical liability Online.

    The Safety of Inpatient Health Care

    CRICO Grants
    Funded by CRICO, ​​​"The Safety of Inpatient Health Care" study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on January 12, 2023, is an important follow up to the landmark Harvard Medical Practice Study, published in 1991.
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