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How Simulators Help OR Teams Really Act Like Teams

Surgeons, nurses, doctors, technicians and others gather in simulators at Harvard to learn teamwork.

Participants say it saves lives, money, and grief. Even skeptics say it’s worth the time and it should be done everywhere.grant_icon


Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Nurses

Generally, the blame is placed on the clinician responsible for the patient when the alleged error occurred, or on the person responsible for the error. Most often, that named defendant is a physician. Less often (but not infrequently) the plaintiff names a nurse. In settings with multi-disciplinary care teams, malpractice cases naming both physicians and nurses as defendants are common.



Collaboration Between Physicians and Nurses: Essential to Patient Safety

Collaboration between physicians and nurses is a fundamental element of a patient safety and risk management program. The ability of physicians and nurses to work together as a unified team is essential to improved outcomes, error and risk reduction, and optimum care. CONTINUE READING >