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CRICO Insights: August 2019


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CRICO Insights: August 2019

By Alison Anderson, Missy Padoll, Wallinda Hutson, CRICO

Related to: Claims, Documentation, Electronic Health Records, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Surgery

CRICO Insights: August 2019

Top Risks Targeted by CRICO Grants

By identifying and funding key areas of professional liability risks, CRICO’s grant program offers researchers at member institutions an opportunity to gain funding to advance patient safety projects in their organizations.

The 2019 Patient Safety Grants focus areas of risk include:

Patient Assessment

Management and Performance of Medical Treatment/Procedural Safety

Emergency Medicine


Emerging Health Care Delivery Models

Read more: Grant RFA Details.



Can EHR Patient Pics Cut Identity Mistakes?

About 2 in every 1,000 patient orders in the ED involve the wrong patient. Dr. Adam Landman presents an effort at the BWH ED to reduce these errors.  How well did it work?



Blindness From Undiluted Injection

A 50-year-old patient received an undiluted intraocular injection, resulting in left eye blindness. What went wrong?



Huddling for Safety

“Safety huddles” bring together staff from across an organization for a brief check-in and to share pressing concerns that cross departmental boundaries.  A broader safety net catches more issues...



Who Can I Talk to in Confidence if I’m Involved in a Claim or Lawsuit? (and Other FAQs)

You can talk about some things. Some people (like your spouse) are protected. Peer review is safe, too. And, CRICO has specialized support resources for defendants. Learn more...



Best Medical Practices Course 2019

PCPs, join us on November 9 for a day-long event focused on maximizing skills and minimizing risks in the primary care setting. Register now...


August 15, 2019
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