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Informed Consent Guidelines, Family History, and more…


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Informed Consent Guidelines, Family History, and more…

By Alison Anderson, Katy Schuler, CRICO

Related to: Claims, Diagnosis, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Informed Consent, Publications

CRICO Insights: November 2015

Top 5 Nov 2015


Informed Consent Basics

With broad access to more health care information than ever before, physicians must fully engage their patients in an informed decision-making process.   Learn more


Please Pass the Family History

A significant number of medical malpractice cases reflect an incomplete patient history as a key factor that prompted an allegation of substandard care. Learn more



Poor Nurse Monitoring of Insulin Led to Coma

A diabetic patient was allowed to check her own blood sugars and adjust her insulin as needed. She slept through a blood sugar check and entered a week-long coma.  What happened?



Just Listen: New CME Bundles from CRICO

Does following a clinical guideline help later in court? Would you miss the MI diagnosis in our case study? Our CME bundles will give you the answers... and the credits.  Learn (and earn) more



Medical Malpractice Cases by Injury Severity


Learn more


November 12, 2015
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