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Primary Care Docs Try to Up Their Diagnosis Game
By Tom A. Augello, CRICO

The idea of missing something, or finding out that follow up on a lab order or specialty consult fell through the cracks, can haunt providers. Nothing represents these concerns better than a claim from a patient or family that you failed to diagnose their cancer. A recent review of professional liability claims from across the United States shows that diagnosis-related claims account for a higher percentage of dollar costs than any other category.


Patient Safety Becoming a Family Affair
By Tom A. Augello, CRICO

Experts: the need to pull families onto the patient safety team will only grow with ongoing trends of shorter hospital stays, and care moving into ambulatory sites and even into the patient’s home. Family caregivers will be a big part of safety at each stage.


Who Gets Sued, Who Knows About It, and more...
By Alison Anderson, Missy Padoll, Wallinda Hutson, CRICO

Insight May 2018: Who gets sued, who knows about it, and more


Part II: Harvard Joins IHI to Cut Referral Mistakes
By Tom A. Augello, CRICO

Mishandled specialty referrals in ambulatory care can harm patients and lead to litigation if a diagnosis is delayed or missed. Two leading groups hope individual practices and institutions will use the Guide to make their referrals more reliable and reduce mistakes.


CRICO OB Patient Safety Program

FOR CNMs and FAMILY PRACTITIONERS: this voluntary program for CRICO-insured providers with obstetrics privileges rewards risk reduction activities with a malpractice premium discount.


Malpractice Cases Involving Non-Adherent Patients
By Jock Hoffman, CRICO

Make an effort to find out why your patient ignores your advice.


Covering our Volunteers
By Hermen Yee, Esq, and Caren-Elise Titus, CRICO

If you are a member of the Harvard medical community who has registered with the MA Responds program to volunteer in a declared public health emergency, you may have wondered if you are covered by your CRICO professional liability policies. The good news is that generally you are covered! The only caveat is that some of you need to obtain certain written authorizations from your sponsoring institution.


Poor Communication of Doctor’s Orders Leads to Preventable Death
By Missy Padoll, CRICO and Tom A. Augello, CRICO

When a speech and swallowing evaluation showed the patient to be at risk for aspiration, the resident documented a plan that the patient be given nothing by mouth. But the NPO order was not entered into the system, a technician attempted to feed him, and he aspirated. This was not communicated to the attending. After transfer to the ICU, he succumbed to additional morbidities, including aspiration pneumonia.


Toward an Ideal Referral Process
By Jock Hoffman, CRICO

A national effort to address a major concern. grant_icon


NP Misses Fatal Illness on Phone with Patient’s Dad
By Kathy Dwyer, MSN, RN, CRICO, Tom Augello, CRICO

A father called his son’s pediatrician’s office on a winter week-end night and told the nurse practitioner that his nine-year-old had not felt well for three days. The nurse fixated on flu symptoms and told the father to push ginger ale. When the father checked on the boy 12 hours after the call, he had died from diabetic ketoacidosis and his diabetes mellitus was undiagnosed until autopsy.

1-10 of (214) items Page of 22