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Five Recently Published CRICO Cases to Reflect On at Year’s End, Radiology Contributing Factors, and More


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Five Recently Published CRICO Cases to Reflect On at Year’s End, Radiology Contributing Factors, and More

By Alison Anderson, Missy Padoll, Wallinda Hutson, CRICO

Related to: Claims, Clinical Guidelines, Communication, Other Specialties, Publications

CRICO Insights: December 2020

Five Recently Published CRICO Cases to Reflect on at Year’s End

Good riddance 2020! As you look forward to better days and plan for a healthier and safer new year, here are some CRICO cases to review along with their key lessons learned.


Unit Ill-prepared for Labor and Delivery Complications 


Post Catheterization Death After Anticoagulation not Restarted 


Gaps in Clinical Workup Lead to Young Patient’s Missed Colorectal Cancer 


Deactivated Bed Alarm 


Breast Cancer Treatment Delayed 15 Months by Mishandled Radiology Report 




Contributing Factors in MedMal Cases Against Radiologists: How to Protect Your Patients and Yourself

Deep analysis of more than a decade of medical professional liability cases reveals the most common factors which underlie cases involving radiologists. What’s my risk?



Word to the Wise: Misuse of Language in Clinical Communication Causes Harm

We spoke with the authors of a recent commentary published in JAMA Internal Medicine on the dangers of the careless use of language. Authors Andrew Luks, MD, MS and Zachary Goldberger, MD, MS are both medical educators. Are patients hearing exactly what you say?


COVID Delays New Rule Opening Clinical Notes to Patients

Implementation of part of the Cures Act, which requires that patients gain increased access to their own medical records, has been postponed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The act was spearheaded by the Harvard medical community’s OpenNotes program.
Transparency can lead to safety...


Interventional Radiology Guidelines

The AMC PSO has published a set of guidelines in an effort to combat emerging risks in the delivery of interventional radiology. This collection of materials is meant to help standardize practice around a wide variety of topics within the field. How can we make radiology safer?


Defendant Video Library

If you are named in a lawsuit you may be told not to share your experience with anyone—but you are not alone. Listen to clinicians involved in lawsuits discuss their legal journey. Get through it together...


December 16, 2020
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